How Automated Business Processes Save Time and Money

May 6, 2019

Onsite client meetings give us a chance to meet with business owners, as well as their management teams, to talk about a few things. We discuss the services that Lotatech offers, we get feedback on how we’re doing, we make sure the client is happy with our work, and we resolve any issues that we hadn’t been aware of.

Onsite Meetings

And most importantly, onsite meetings give us a chance to learn what types of problems our clients run into on a daily basis. It’s a time where we can learn about manual tasks that employees spend a lot of time on. This could be something simple like receiving a lot of email each with an attachment. The attachments need to be opened up, and the information in the attachment needs to be added into another system or program. Or it could simply be manual work that needs to be done every day that’s eating up company time.

Automating and Optimizing

Lotatech has helped many companies with these types of requests by automating and optimizing the particular process. We can create systems to go through data that comes in through email or scanned documents and scrub it for the necessary information a client needs and then adding that information to another system. It’s a unique opportunity to save time and money for our clients. What types of manual tasks is your company doing on a daily basis? Share your thoughts in the section for comments below. To learn more about automating business processes with custom software, download your copy of “How to Plan a Successful Custom Software Project.”

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