How Companies Digitize Processes to Improve Quality

Feb 27, 2019

To remove the potential for human error and improve quality, your company will almost certainly need to digitize processes.

The following is an excerpt from “How to Plan a Successful Custom Software Project.”

Generating Reports

From a CEO’s perspective, reporting is a very big issue. If data is not consolidated properly, getting a report can be a very painful process. Some Fortune 100 companies will spend days generating reports for large divisions of their companies. They might even have to contract with a separate company that generates reports for them. If processes were improved and a report could be generated faster, possibly millions of dollars could be saved over just a few years.

Sometimes, certain data is not available for reporting. Either it is not collected, or it’s not possible to extract because you’re using a SaaS platform.

Along the same lines, missing data costs your company a lot of money. It creates inefficiencies because CEOs are unable to make quick decisions when data is missing.  

Another reason to digitize processes is so that important documents, like contracts and disclosures, are acknowledged and completed. If a contract or disclosure is not signed, the system can send a reminder or warning message. Doing this manually could put the company in a terrible position, exposing your company to liability and possible lawsuits when it slips out of compliance.

Data Validation

If a company sends out lengthy questionnaires or applications on paper, the probability of human error can be tremendously high. By digitizing these forms and adding data validation, human error decreases and may even be eliminated. Not only would this be a huge time saver, but the cost savings of processing manual questionnaires or applications could be in the six- to seven-figure range depending on the size of the company.

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