IIT Engineering Themes (Illinois Institute of Technology)


Training world-class engineers since 1893, the Armour College of Engineering (Illinois Institute of Technology) focuses its student development on four major worldwide engineering issues: water, health, energy, and security.

The goal is to create educational experiences that tie together leadership, entrepreneurship, and ethics with the engineering skills needed to prepare students for impactful careers.

IIT Engineering Themes’s mission is to provide dedicated exceptional, cost-effective, family-focused in-home health care services to qualifying clients.


Graduation requires that students attend a certain number of experiential events as part of the development and creation of their portfolios. However, students aren’t participating in large numbers.


The IIT Engineering Themes programs added gamification to its website. Students can earn different levels and rewards.


The new website added a competitive element to the IIT Engineering Themes, driving much greater participation.

Program staff also gained the ability to much more easily manage the events schedule, create new events, and track invitations.

Students get a tangible portfolio (in Adobe Acrobat format) showing what they’ve gained from the event, providing tangible proof to potential employers.

150+Events managed

10,000+lines of code written

$10,000+Projected increase in annual starting salary