Our work

Lotatech’s diverse portfolio of work includes client projects across a wide variety of industries

Each company had a unique problem that was solved by Lotatech founder Dmitriy Fridlyand and his design and development team.

PLT4M (Platform Athletics)


Established in 2012, PLT4M is a cloud-based software platform that manages and improves physical education curriculums and high school athletic development programs.

PLT4m’s mission is:

  • Empower educators through a Digital Fitness Platform to help them improve how they train their students and athletes;
  • Deliver a dynamic and engaging Student and Athlete training experience;
  • Help educators seamlessly and efficiently track and analyze training data and progress;
  • Deliver the best possible experience to every high school student and athlete;
  • Save high school coaches time;
  • Build winning high school athletics programs.


PLT4M’s founders Alex Relph and Sam Breslin created a custom Strength and Conditioning methodology using Microsoft Excel. With 1,000s of worksheets, they recognized that this would not scale.


The founders wanted a digital, scalable platform that could help them deliver their training program to schools and coaches across the country.
Given the importance of data tracking in strength and conditioning as well as Fitness based Phys Ed, it was important that this platform not only deliver programs, but streamline data capture and analysis.


PLT4M now works with close to 1,000 schools, delivering fitness programming in a way that saves educators time, streamlines data collection, and helps to improve the lives of students and athletes.


6,500+Coaches/Assistant Coaches

75,000+Athletes enrolled

Abcor Home Health


Abcor Home Health is a Medicaid- and Medicare-certified home health provider that is also accredited through the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP).

It has managed care organization relationships with Aetna Better Health, BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna Health Spring, IlliniCare Health Plan, Humana—Independent Living Systems, and Meridian Health Plan.

Abcor Home Health’s mission is to provide dedicated exceptional, cost-effective, family-focused in-home health care services to qualifying clients.


Abcor Home Health has over 1,000 home health care provider employees to keep track of. By the nature of its business, that means a lot of driver licenses, health care licenses, and certificates to stay on top of. With over 1,500 paper-based HR files, the company had no systems and was struggling to keep up with manual work.


An HR portal was built for application management and employee management.
This allows Abcor Home Health to manage the entire hiring process including pre-screening applicants and phone interviews.

Through the same portal, it can:

  • Share news with employees;
  • Share documents that vary by job roles;
  • Manage required training, again that vary by job roles;
  • Manage required compliance documents, including automated reminders when documents are nearing expiration;
  • Report to company leadership.


As a result of implementing the HR portal, Abcor Home Health:

  • Provides a much better employee experience;
  • Spends less time and money on HR;
  • Automates its reporting;
  • Can expand to new locations much more rapidly.

1,400+Paper-based HR files eliminated and digitized

16,800+Hours of required continued education tracked by the system

$3.5mRisk managed

Russian Food Delivery


Founded to provide home delivery of authentic European and Russian food in the Greater Chicago area, the company’s extensive menu includes hot and cold appetizers, salads, meat, poultry, fish, seafood, side dishes, and desserts.

Its customers rave on social media about how fresh and authentic the food is, how it tastes homemade, the company’s delivery timeliness, and its greater overall value for unique catering experiences.

Russian Food Delivery’s mission is to provide dedicated exceptional, cost-effective, family-focused in-home health care services to qualifying clients.


The Russian Food Delivery company saw that there was no one selling Russian food in the Chicago area — and certainly not online.


The company’s eCommerce-enabled website was created to help market its unique menu, party trays, packages, and specials — while taking online orders 24/7.


The company has built a sustainable business and Chicago area residents have more food options.

200+Menu choices supported

500+Hours of order management saved annually

1,000+Catering orders

IIT Engineering Themes (Illinois Institute of Technology)


Training world-class engineers since 1893, the Armour College of Engineering (Illinois Institute of Technology) focuses its student development on four major worldwide engineering issues: water, health, energy, and security.

The goal is to create educational experiences that tie together leadership, entrepreneurship, and ethics with the engineering skills needed to prepare students for impactful careers.

IIT Engineering Themes’s mission is to provide dedicated exceptional, cost-effective, family-focused in-home health care services to qualifying clients.


Graduation requires that students attend a certain number of experiential events as part of the development and creation of their portfolios. However, students aren’t participating in large numbers.


The IIT Engineering Themes programs added gamification to its website. Students can earn different levels and rewards.


The new website added a competitive element to the IIT Engineering Themes, driving much greater participation.

Program staff also gained the ability to much more easily manage the events schedule, create new events, and track invitations.

Students get a tangible portfolio (in Adobe Acrobat format) showing what they’ve gained from the event, providing tangible proof to potential employers.

150+Events managed

10,000+lines of code written

$10,000+Projected increase in annual starting salary